Mercanlar, having a history dating back to 1976, has been leading its industry since the day it has been established by always making innovations. Mercanlar,  who is the inventor of its product group in kitchenware industry with “Renga” branded products, continues its leadership with its strong distribution network spread to 70 countries and its  products used with great appreciation all over the world. Both the logistical advantage of its  geographical location, and its high production and stock capacity, enable it to transport its  products to the customers in very short periods of time. It has a hard-to-achieve record in its  business area with 240.000 pcs. per day production capacity and average 10 days delivery time.

Mercanlar’s design and R&D oriented operations are focused on always delivering most quality  products with design superiority to its consumers, giving highest priority to their health and  pleasure. Product range, formed by the products which are mainly the combination of glass, plastic and metal  materials, consists of jugs, water, milk and fruit juice bottles, salt and pepper shakers, spice  jars, storage jars and bowls, oil / vinegar bottles, baby and children feeding sets, special  decorated product groups, licensed product groups and plastic kitchen utensils. 
Our company, which is situated on a total area of 50,000 sqm and consists of a warehouse and manufacturing space of 35,000 sqm, Mercanlar realizes production with total quality understanding at its modern production facilities, by state-of-the- art machinery & equipments and using only raw materials approved for food contact by authorized certifiers. This is a reflection of how Mercanlar cherishes humanity and the environment. Thanks to a happy working environment where health and safety measures are provided at the highest level, more than 200 employees today are the source of superior service provided to customers.
Mercanlar, which has competitive edge in the global markets, increasing brand recognition  worldwide, and products highly appreciated by their consumers, will continue to strengthen its position in the sector in accordance with its vision and mission by continuously investing in technology and production in order to carry customer satisfaction to higher levels.

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