Our Human Resources Policy

Being a worldwide known brand with its strong organizational structure as well as its dynamic and expert staff; Mercanlar Mutfak Esyalari adopts a company culture based on employee appreciation and believes in good future. Our company will continue growing in line with the mission and vision adopted and with its employees determined to be with us moving forward.

Mercanlar Mutfak Esyalari offers to its employees an interactive, quality, peaceful and warm environment where they can feel confident and share their different and creative ideas.

The company’s primary objective is to maintain the personnel continuity and employee satisfaction by means of a progressive management system that carries the employees’ performances constantly forward through the training programs that provide all employees equal opportunities and give them the chance to improve themselves.

It is our management’s responsibility to offer an environment where all our employees are exposed to a fair performance assessment.


The conditions in regard to the need for new personnel at Mercanlar Mutfak Esyalari are first assessed by the human resources department and the other related units and recruitment process is carried out if required. Providing development and growth by adding highly-motivated, qualified, reliable, efficient human resources to Mercanlar Mutfak Esyalari family constitutes one of our major goals. During the recruitment process, our priority is to carefully differentiate and choose the ambitious, determined and the right candidate who fits to our quality perception as well as the position and meets the qualifications related to that job’s description. All received applications are rigorously assessed by the Human Resources Department based on the level of appropriateness to different competencies and qualifications determined for each position. The first interview is performed by the Human Resources Department and then, after also the technical interviews with the appropriate candidates are finalized by the relevant department management, the reference checks of the remaining candidates are conducted. Finally, with the candidates who passed all the previous stages, it is proceeded to the job offer stage and the recruitment process is completed.


-The candidates who wish to work in our company are given the chance to make a general application by filling in the application form found on the career tab. In case that a new personnel is needed for a certain position, the appropriate candidates in the curriculum vitae pool are reexamined and exposed to the necessary assessment processes

.- Job applications can also be made via the career portal below. - Candidates came to our company their application with the application form are also being evaluated by the Department of Human Resources and to communicate with candidates. Besides, the applications made by the candidates in person to our company are also involved in the assessment process by the Human Resources Department and the appropriate candidates are contacted.


Recruited candidates are subjected to an orientation process and given the related technical and occupational health trainings.

At the beginning of every year; annual training plans are prepared according to the company’s targets and the training needs of the departments and the personnel. Within the year, in addition to orientation trainings, occupational health and safety trainings, compulsory trainings, personal development trainings and technical trainings are given to the personnel by internal and external trainers. After the training activities are finalized in line with the annual training plan, the effectiveness assessments are conducted and the training efficiency is measured.

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