The company, which hasa production complex built on a 15,000 m2 indoor area, introduces to itsconsumers under two brands called ’RENGA’ and ’TASSAR’; a wide range of kitchen, counter and table top productsthat appeal to all segments of the society. Products such as jars, jugs, spicecontainers, salt shakers, oil bottles, tea sets and preservation containersconstitute the major part of the product ranges under these brands. While Renga’s productrange stands out with striking colors, fun forms, functionality and “glass andplastic” material pairings.

On the other hand, under Tassar brand, whichstands out with its elite, modern, trendy forms, there is a product range basedon the materials consisted of “wood, glass, porcelain and metal” pairings. Today"MERCANLAR", by maintaining its competitive approach steady inthe global arena, meets its consumers in more than 70 countries and increaseseach passing day its market share and brand awareness in these countries. Italso strengthens its position in the sector through its extensive distributionnetwork both inland and aboard.

Carrying out its production and marketingoperations both inland and abroad in line with a customer-oriented serviceunderstanding, Mercanlar is a worldwide known company with its strongorganizational structure and advanced technology. With the determinedness tomaintain the same success in direction with its vision and mission, Mercanlarwill definitely pursue growing in the sector with its new investments.

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