Coronavirus (Covid-19) ANNOUNCEMENT

As all over the World, we are in animportant period due to new coronavirus (Covid-19), which has recently startedinfecting in Turkey, as well. Our first priority during this time course is toprotect the health of our employees and prevent the spread of the virus. Hence,we have taken all the precautions intensely across all our facilities evenbefore the first case reported in Turkey, being updated always following thedevelopments. And as soon as the first case has been reported in Turkey, wehave increased our precautions to the highest level. 

As recently, the reported cases hasincreased in our Country, we have decided to close all our facilities (HeadOffice, Factory, Warehouses and Sales Branches) temporarily starting from 23rdMarch Monday at 8:00 am, in our prior goal to protect the health of ouremployees and prevent the spread of the virus.

In the current circumstances, wherewe all, as each individual, should be very careful, we will go on doing ourbest on this issue, and for any support needed, all our customers and supplierscan contact their related representatives in our company via email, phone callor messaging.

We, as Mercanlar family, stronglybelieve, we will overcome these rough times all together. 

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