1)  Hardwood 
Our wooden products are manufactured by hard beech tree and under the condition of max. %12 internal humidity at our premise equipped with advanced technology. So our wooden products takes those magnificent shapes under conditions deserved by hardwood and in the experienced hands of crafts-men.

      2)  Glass

Glass is health. Glass is aesthetics. Glass istransparent and bold as such to expose its content spartanly. Therefore, asbeing Mercanlar, we well know the importance of our business in respect of thehuman healt. So, our every glass product is produced with full automatedmachines without human touch according to TS EN 45001 Turkish Standards andcertified under ISO 9001 and HACCP quality assurance standards.

3)  Metal

Our metal products are produced for elite and modern designs as being chrome –nichel covered and certified  with ISO 9001 : 2000 quality assurancestandards. Namely with high quatlity assurance standards. Because Mercanlarnever makes concession from quality.

4)  Plastic

For Food and plastics relations two matters have great importance.Health and hygiene. Our every products is and will be produced with originalraw material in compliance with the legislation for Food contact, with fullautomated machines and giving hygiene conditions first priority.  As beingMercanlar, we produce our products with Food grade raw materials which arecertificated of FDA, LFGB, TSE and conscious of green plastics. Our rawmaterials are; Polyetylyene, Polypropylene, Polystrene, Copolyesters,Policarbon. 

5) Porcelain

The mystery of our porcelain products is that, they are produced fromreinforced porcelain and drawing attention with their design superiority. Weadmit of no mistake at production and believe in nil mistakes. For this reasonevery product goes under quality control separately. That’s why our productsare highly admired.

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